A little core work goes a long way especially with running. Use these 3 core exercises scientifically selected for runners 3x a week going through these movements 3 sets of 8-15 reps. Going slow and controlled is the name of the game to make sure you are doing these correctly.

Here are the moves:

1. Plank March

2. Supermans

3. Dead Bug

Remember, 3 sets of each with 8-15 reps!

Now these moves aren’t traditional ‘core’ exercises, but that’s exactly why you need to be doing them. You see, when you run, you break down the body and start to develop new muscle movement patterns associated with your running economics. These moves here will only help you correct imbalance while promoting good strength growth where strength is needed. If you stick to the suggestions and protocols explained by Coach Brian, you absolutely will dramatically impact your ability to run more efficiently, and reduce fatigue allowing you to finish feeling stronger and ready for more.

To see more, check out the video below!

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