When most people go to execute their “core strength workouts”, they tend to focus on nothing more than the all too common movements of simple crunches and leg raises. While many exercises do have their place in a complete core routine, the truth is that your core actually extends way beyond these surface level muscles.

If you really want to improve core strength as effectively as possible, some of the best exercises you can include in your program are seated movements. These exercises are some of the very best core strengthening exercises out there since it trains your core muscles based on their true function, which is to act as a stabilizing center while protecting the spine.

For this amazing routine, it’s important to have proper technique and form is very simple. These are simple but can be performed incorrectly if not careful.

Do these 6 movements for :30 seconds at a time and then repeat it for an additional 1 or 2 more sets. These 6 movements are adequate enough to really see great improvements in your core.

1. Side to Side Reach

2. Seated Jacks

3. Climbers

4. Toe Touches

5. Knee Ups

6. Front reach


To see more, check out the video below!

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