The adductor muscles are big and VERY important to the body. But unfortunately they are often neglected and underdeveloped.

The adductors play a very important role in leg movement and function. Besides pulling the leg back to the mid-line, they also help internally rotate the leg. They help you walk, stand, climb, run…

Wouldn’t it make sense to keep these muscles as healthy as possible? Use these 3 inner thigh stretches and see some great things happen to your groin flexibility.

Stretch #1: Deep Squat Pry

Stretch #2: Butterfly Stretch

Stretch #3: Frog Pose

Spend 15-30s on each stretch doing multiple sets.

For a more in-depth look at how to properly do these three stretches, check out this video:

Get the Beautifully Toned & Shapely Thighs You’ve Always Wanted, In Less Than 10 Minutes Per Day