John Hansen has been a bodybuilder for 40 years! Yes, since the age of 15 years old, John has been into building his physique and NEVER stopped. He’s 55 and completely RIPPED!

Now his long term commitment certainly shows as he maintains a ripped muscular physique all year long BUT what about the average guys?? What can they do to make changes to their diet, training and lifestyle??

John reveals his 4 Muscle Building Principles that have guided him over his amazing bodybuilding journey as he continues to be muscular & ripped all year long…

#1 – FREE WEIGHTS ARE A MUST – everything else is nice here and there but if you’re looking to add dense muscle and strength, you MUST use free weights consistently.

#2 –  DO COMPOUND MOVEMENTS – while doing isolation exercises is fun and really helps to emphasize certain areas of the body, nothing impacts your overall physique and anabolic response to lifting weights like the BIG Compound Exercises… i.e. Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Bent Over Row, Overhead Press

#3 – USE HEAVY WEIGHTS REGULARLY – now regularly means frequently like 12 times per week. This can be different for everyone in terms of structure but going heavier with the primary lifts consistently is what best connects the muscles of the body and delivers the greatest impact on the body as a whole.

NOTE – work within your limits. Lift safely. Train with a spotter or partner when lifting heavy. Be smart. Go lighter on days in between and have a system in place to follow to keep you on track.

#4 – DON’T TRAIN EVERY DAY – train hard 4 days each week and use those other 3 days to recover.

You can do other light activities to move the body but keep it “easy” and helpful… not too intense. Remember, proper sleep and rest helps to maximize hormone response to all of that training and eating. You are anabolic when you’re sleeping and resting, that’s when you GROW. Plus this enhances your immune system and extends your lifting longevity.

Check out this video to learn more about these TOP 4 principles in detail.

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