Do you ever do follow along workouts from home? If so, I’ve got an awesome treat for you today.

We just released our first series on Amazon! If you have Amazon Prime, it’s actually FREE for you.

It’s called…

Total Body Balance Trainer Workout Series

Coach Tonya Total Body Balance Trainer Workout

These workouts using only a balance trainer (BOSU ball) and your body weight will improve your aerobic fitness and balance, as well as your strength!

These balance trainer workouts are challenging, but so fun and simple enough to do right at home. Grab that balance trainer and get ready to CRUSH these workouts!

There are 6 workouts you can do.  Each one takes 10 minutes or you can repeat the circuit to make it more challenging.

This individual workouts include:
1) Upper Body Workout
2) Lower Body Workout
3) Full Body Workout
4) Ab Workout
5) Glute Workout
6) Balance Programs


If you have Amazon Prime click here to watch for free: Total Body Balance Trainer Workout Series


If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can rent or buy the workouts for a fair price.

Thanks for your support and we hope you like the series!

Don’t forget to add stretching to your routine!
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