You can’t see it, you can’t feel it, but it’s an invisible civil war raging inside your body…it can stay there undetected for months, even years…slowly spreading disease.

What is it…Inflammation. And it’s more common than you think and it causes heart attacks, stroke, even cancer.

Today I’ll show you how to spot, avoid and attack this silent killer. It starts as a slow burning fire inside of you and it acts as your body’s first responder to infection and trauma. Inflammation That tender red hot spot that may look or feel alarming but really means your immune system is hard at work. Launching a flurry of white blood cells and proteins that devour the infection and help to heal you. But, if the inflammation sticks around after its job is done, or your immune system goes haywire, and ignites itself by accident, what was once your best friend can morph into your worst enemy.

When inflammation becomes chronic, your body’s defense system turns on itself…mounting a stealthy, devastating attack on your joints, tissue and blood vessels. That’s when the slow burning flame becomes a five alarm fire. For years, chronic inflammation has been linked to diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and Asthma. But now researchers realize chronic inflammation may also be at the very root of the life-threatening diseases you fear most: Cancer, Heart Attack, Diabetes, even Alzheimer’s.

Is Chronic Inflammation silently eating away at your health? The answer could save your life…

So what is inflammation? Inflammation is the body’s first aid reaction to heal itself from some type of damage…For example, “What happens when you get a cut?” You’ve been injured, so the body’s says, “Whoa, I’m gonna make my body go to work, I’m gonna turn my immune system on,” which turns into this big raging fire so it can fight off the infection. Once it’s killed the infection, what does it do if it was working right? It shuts off….and it’s gone…you’ve healed the wound, no big deal…

Now, what happens when the body’s inflammatory process fails to shut down? It becomes chronic. Chronic inflammation is more like this…it’s this low grade, continuous process where the body cannot decide if it should be upset with you or not and so for that reason it stays at this low burn, but it’s always on, now there’s no infection to kill, so what happens now/

In order to keep itself busy it begins to attack its own tissues, your own healthy body parts begin to get injured, and unlike a bruise or a scab where you actually want the raging fire to protect you, the inflammation is below the skins surface and it’s not helping you, it’s invisibly hurting you….

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