Do you have chronic back pain and can’t figure it out? If you do and you’ve done just about everything under the sun to try to get rid of the pain, don’t give up just yet. On the inside of your thighs are a group of muscles that are often overlooked and are usually neglected. These muscles that attach on the pelvis and have a direct effect on your spine and back muscles. I bet you didn’t know that did you. And not just that but these inner thigh muscles also help with your overhead stability, how knee articulates when moving and your overall ability to stabilize.

The “ADDUCTORS” are a complex muscle collection in each thigh that are extremely important and they have got to be up there as one of the most crazy and hard to understand groups of muscles in our body (That’s one reason why no one knows how to properly train them until now). There are collectively 3 main adductors – adductor longus, brevis and magnus and 2 others in the group, the gracilis and the pectineus.

Like I said, the adductor complex is a weird complex indeed – mainly because all 3 adductors adduct the hip (bring the leg back to the midline of the body), and two of the three flex the hip (bring the knee to the chest). This doesn’t really make total sense on paper but this is just how the body works! I’m sure I lost you with all the physiology talk but know that the adductor muscles are responsible for just about every movement the body does, and this includes standing still!

If we don’t treat this muscle group with respect and allow it to move and function as it was designed then there will be potential problems for us if we continue to do simple daily activities like walk, stand, sit, run, climb… you get the idea. When these muscles are tight and weak, they do just the opposite of what we want them to do.

Where these muscles connect to the pelvis is what we need to pay attention to. These muscles have a great ability to pull and twist the pelvis if they are too tight. And you guessed it! When this happens, your lower back muscles also get pulled and twisted…

Are you catching on now?

Just because your back hurts doesn’t mean it’s a back issue. Sometimes you have to take a step back and assess the entire picture, and through my 16 years of professional coaching and extensive researching the human body, I know that a tight groin is usually the culprit for back pain in healthy individuals, both young and old.

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