Looking to get STRONG, ROUNDER GLUTES? Here is how to GROW GLUTES on 45 Degree Hyper-Extension using a rounded back. This is amazing for your glutes and even though it looks dangerous, it’s really safe. You gotta be doing this for those glutes!

YES, we love training the glutes using a wide range of exercises for overall glute strength and development but this video you’ll see how to GROW GLUTES using the 45 Degree Hyper-Extension that will get your glutes stronger, rounder, and even more awesome in no time! You’re going to love this one.

Expert Strength Coach & Glute Expert Brian Klepacki, Creator of Unlock Your Glutes, shows you exactly how to GROW GLUTES on 45 Degree Hyper-Extension.

This back extension machine / chair / bend might be the biggest misnomer in fitness. The name implies that it should work your back and that’s what most gym-goers try to target when using this piece of equipment. The focus is on hyper-extending the lower back (the equipment is actually called a 45-degree hyper-extension) at the top of each rep to primarily strengthen the spinal erectors.

Rather, the goal should be to minimize movement at the lower back and maximize movement at the hip. In other words, the goal is actually hip extension and that’s probably what the exercise should be called.

The key is to use the following technique tweaks that Brian gives to you in this video to make sure you feel it in your butt and not your back. This truly is an awesome exercise that you gotta be using.

Use this exercise 2x-3x a week and complete 1 set, 2 sets, or 3 sets. Reps can vary between 10-20 but don’t be too ambitious because this can get hard very quick!! Remember to always squeeze your glutes at the top for better muscle recruitment.

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