Natural champion John Hansen has been lifting weights for 40 years! And at 55 years young, he know what exercises should be part of any man’s lifting regimen.

With some dumbbells you can work your entire body effectively at any age. John’s TOP 7 exercises will hit every muscle from head to toe. If done consistently and with proper form, these moves will help to maintain muscle size and strength.

Lifting weights and resistance training is essential to all people for not just muscular strength but also for bone density and hormone production. Pushing your body physically with light to moderate weights becomes even more necessary as we age. As people tend to become more and more sedentary with age, hitting the gym or designing a home workout with some dumbbells can be a real game changer to living a fuller, happier and more independent life.

Here are the TOP 7 Dumbbell Exercises for Guys Over 50:
1. Flat Chest Press (bench press)
2. 1 Arm Row
3. Side Lateral Raises
4. Stiff Legged Deadlift
5. DB Squat (with bench)
6. Alternate DB Curl
7. DB Triceps Extension (elbow ext)

Here’s a great way to put this TOP 7 list together:
Do Exercise 1 Perform 2-3 Sets for that Exercise.
Rest 1 Minute between Sets.
Move to Exercise 2 REPEAT until you’ve done all 7 exercises!

If you’re a beginner, be sure to use light weights and feel free to start with just 1 set for each exercise and take the rest you require. As you get more advanced, you can do more sets, take shorter rest periods, increase the weight and so on. There are always variables to change to make the routine more demanding.

Catch the full workout with the legend himself below:

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