So you like your pre-workout! Great, but do you know what is in YOURS?

Do you know, by reading the ingredient list if it’s an EFFECTIVE pre-workout or NOT? While a really good quality pre-workout can be a great addition to your pre-workout nutrition, the opposite is true for a LESS THAN good quality pre-workouts.pre-workout drink

Not all ingredients are created equal, and popular does not mean effective. So what should you pay attention to when shopping for a pre-workout that is RIGHT FOR YOU?

#1 Caffeine: Primary purpose is to give you energy. Can also be found in other foods like coffee, green tea, dark chocolate. Has been shown to improve performance AND increase endurance in short term spurts of maximal output. Dosage varies from person to person so MORE is not always BEST.

#2 Creatine: Primary purpose is for explosive strength. Helps to fill your muscles with the substrates needed to produce a big, fast energy pump for those BIG LIFTS. It works, simply said, but replenishing ATP which is what fuels muscular contraction.

#3 Beta Alanine: Primary purpose is to increase muscular endurance. Basically helps you to pump out those extra reps!

#4 Vasodialators like L-Arginine & Citrulline Malate: Primary purpose is increased blood flow. With increased blood flow comes the desired “PUMP!”

#5 L-Glutamine: Primary purpose is to slow muscle breakdown / speed up post workout recovery. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles, so this supplement can minimize muscle tissue breakdown & improve protein metabolism.


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