The TOP 25 Bodyweight Exercises for the Lower Body in this video will work your thighs, hamstrings, butt and hip muscles, strengthen your core, and can also help to improve your posture and overall fitness, enhance weight loss and give you the best chance of living a longer, healthier life.

Having a strong lower body is vital for overall health as we age. Numerous studies have shown that people are able to live independently for longer and perform those tasks that make up the bulk of their daily activities better if they maintain robust strength in their lower body.

Take this video and use these TOP 25 Bodyweight Exercises for the Lower Body to transform your lower body and finally get the results you’ve always wanted, STRONG & muscular legs and glutes while having a pain-free body!

Break these 25 Bodyweight Exercises for the Lower Body into 3 days of leg and lower body work and then perform each of these squat variations for either 8-12 reps or 30-45 seconds based on the exercise and on your level of fitness.

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